What is Ken Sushi?

At Ken Sushi you sit at the omakase sushi bar opposite the chef(s). During the omakase you will be surprised by the chefs who freshly prepare the sushi, with lots of love and passion, with an accompanying explanation of the ingredients. We serve omakase sushi like in a traditional sushi bar in Japan, but in a unique atmosphere and with Ken's own signature.

Eating at Ken Sushi is truly an experience. Not only the delicious, high-quality food and the storytelling, but also the attention, hospitality and cozy atmosphere complete the experience. This sets us apart from other omakase establishments. We often receive feedback from guests that they are pleasantly surprised by the personal attention, the extensive dining and the menu with delicious and fresh products.

Since our new location, we have space for more guests in a separate area. At the omakase regular you can experience the same menu in a more restaurant-like setting. There you can take a seat at a table or at the high bar, where the chef also prepares the sushi fresh per bite and serves it at your table with an explanation of the ingredients. Read more about the differences under 'Menu'.

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We are a family business, so we like the atmosphere to be informal and have a good time with our guests. Although our team has now expanded and we no longer run the restaurant with just 4 people, we still hope to convey this family feeling to our guests.