Available on:
Wednesday to Sunday at 5:30 PM and 8:30 PM.

Bokings: up to six weeks in advance.

Seating: at a table or at a high bar.

Duration: +/- 2 hours.

Price: 20 bites €75 per person (pre payment)
Silver upgrade: +5 luxury snacks €20
Golden upgrade: +5 deluxe snacks €25,-
You can choose and pay for an upgrade on the evening itself.

With this option you sit at a high bar in front of the chef or at a table next to the chef. This area has more of a restaurant setting. We have a total of 16 places available per shift.
You will be surprised by the chef who prepares all the sushi fresh for you, one bite at a time. The chef personally serves it to each guest/group with an explanation of the ingredients. The menu, carefully selected by Ken, is the same as the omakase experience, just in a different setting and without an extensive story from Ken. Yet our guests also experience the omakase regular as a true experience in a  true Ken Sushi atmosphere! The chefs ensure that you are not short of anything, answer your questions with love and ensure a pleasant evening.

You will be surprised by the chef! Omakase means: "I leave it to you".
Each guest starts with the omakase menu consisting of 20 items. On the evening itself you can choose to expand to 25 pieces. Any upgrades and drinks will be settled after dinner that evening. The menu consists mainly of nigiri and sashimi with high quality fresh fish and seafood. No meat is served with the omakase regular. This can only be an option if you opt for an upgrade, but can be replaced with fish if desired. Do you have an allergy or dietary requirement based on religious beliefs? Please indicate this when making your reservation and our chefs will take this into account. We currently do not have a vegetarian/vegan omakase menu available. Would you like to come and have dinner with child(ren) for whom the full omakase is still too much? Please contact us by email to inquire about options and costs.

Table or high bar?
That's really very personal! If you book on time, you can indicate your preference by adding a comment to your reservation. We try to take this into account as best as possible.

Table seating

At a table you can sit and communicate with your group in a more private and easier way. This is possible from 2 people to (a group of) a maximum of 10 people. For a group we make a long table.

The chef station, where the chef prepares the sushi, is located in the middle next to the tables, but can be moved depending on the composition of the guests and can, for example, be placed at the head of a large group.

The chef himself serves at your table. It is a nice option for guests who like to sit opposite each other and/or on a chair or sofa of normal height.

High bar seating

At the high, stretched bar you sit more similar to the 'omakase experience', in front of the chef. This way you have as slightly better view of the preparation.

You sit on high (pleasant) bar chairs with backrests. A maximum of 9 guests can sit at this bar.

Guests who are to late to book the Omakase Experience often prefer the high bar at the omakase Regular.

Why choose the omakase regular?

At the omakase we regularly receive guests who would like to celebrate a birthday or get together in a group in this setting, guests who have a cozy family or romantic date, guests who come to dinner alone, who have a business dinner. or would like to come and eat with us more often and know that you have a better chance of booking shorter in advance!

This option gives you more opportunity to chat with your company than the omakase experience. It is a unique way of eating sushi, where the taste, experience and hospitality are most important. Do you like to be surprised, do you love sushi and/or would you like to get acquainted with omakase style sushi? Then this is the perfect way!

Have diner with us before?
Have you visited us before and would you like to enjoy the food and your company, without an extensive explanation of the ingredients? Please indicate this clearly to the chef in advance. With the omakase regular this is a possibility!