Available on:
Wednesday to Sunday at 5:30 PM and 8:30 PM.

Bookings: up to six weeks in advance.

Seating: at a L-shaped omakase bar (from May 31st).

Duration: +/- 2 hours.

Price: 20 bites €75 per person (pre payment)
Silver upgrade: +5 luxury bites €20
Golden upgrade: +5 deluxe bites €25,-
You can choose and pay for an upgrade on the evening itself.


With the omakase regular you will take a seat at an omakase sushi bar (from May 31, 2024) with one of our chefs who will take you through the omakase sushi experience. He tells the guests everything about the ingredients he serves. You sit with a maximum of 9 people at a low, L-shaped bar on chairs of normal height. This gives you a good view of the chef who prepares and serves each sushi freshly for you. Depending on the guests present, the speeches are in Dutch or English. One corner is available. If you and your company would like to sit at a corner, you can indicate this when making your reservation. If you are there on time, we can take this into account.


You will be surprised by the chef! Omakase means: "I leave it to you / I entrust it yo you".
Each guest starts with the omakase menu consisting of 20 bites. On the evening itself you can choose to expand to 25 pieces. Any upgrades and drinks will be settled after dinner that evening. The menu consists mainly of nigiri and sashimi with high quality fresh fish and seafood. No meat is served with the omakase regular. This can only be an option if you opt for an upgrade, but can be replaced with fish if desired.


Do you have a dietary due to your health or religion? Please indicate this when making your reservation and our chefs will take this into account. Unfortunately, we cannot take other wishes and preferences into account.
Do you have a serious allergy? Please contact us well in advance for consultation. We can replace ingredients without any problems, but cannot prevent complete cross-contamination, because our concept and kitchen are unfortunately not sufficient for this. 

We do not have a vegetarian/vegan omakase menu available. Would you like to come and eat with children for which the full omakase is too much? Then check 'Child-friendly?' on our website and/or contact us by email to inquire about options and costs.

Regular guest?
Have you been to us before and would you like to enjoy the food and your company, without an extensive explanation of the ingredients? Please indicate this clearly to the chef in advance. With the omakase regular, the way of serving can be adjusted accordingly!