Suprise your loved ones with an omakase diner

Dining at Ken Sushi is always a treat!

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Treat someone with a Ken Sushi gift voucher!

Our aim is to turn every day into a celabration for and with all our guests. You are not only give a delicious diner, but also an experience as a gift!
So whatever there is to celebrate, whoever you have to thank or make up to... it's always a good idea to give a Ken Sushi gift card!

You can purchase Ken Sushi gift vouchers via the online booking system 'formitable', which can be found on our website. You will receive the gift voucher(s) with code via e-mail. With these code(s) the recipients can make a reservation via our booking system. Unfortunately, we have no influence on the design of the gift vouchers and we currently do not offer physical gift vouchers.

You can choose to give one or more omakase dinner(s) (regular, experience or advanced) as a gift. Or you can choose to give an amount between 100 and 300 euros as a gift voucher. This allows the recipient to choose whether they want to spend the (remaining) amount on a dinner for 1 or more people and/or, for example, on drinks or silver or golden upgrades.

Have you received a gift voucher and are you unable to enter the code(s)? Send us an email with the code(s) and preference of (available) day and time. We will help you make a reservation with the gift voucher. Gift vouchers purchased in 2023 can of course also be used in 2024. Ask for help if this is not possible via the booking system.