Our new location previously housed another restaurant and a cocktail bar, which we took over. We opened partly 'plug and play' with Ken Sushi from March 2023. This means that the location still mostly has the interior of the previous owners with some minor adjustments and additions from ourselves. We have also not yet started with all the plans we have for this building.

We would like to open the bar in the future, as soon as we have the opportunity. Our guests can already have drinks here before and after their omakase diner, but from then on they can also meet up with friends and family. So that we also have a place that is accessible to guests without a reservation, where you can order a nice drink and snacks. For these guests we have a small menu available with Japanese and Thai style fingerfood, inspired by our roots.

There is also enough space in the building to create karaoke booths. Another wish that we would like to fulfill in the future. Guests who visit us often have something to celebrate and we think it would be great to be able to offer even more festive options and a complete evening as described above, in addition to the omakase.

In the distant future we hope to realize the layout and interior completely according to our wishes and to add extra toilets. Unfortunately, we are currently still dealing with a large number of repairs and practical improvements that need to be carried out first. As soon as we have the time and finances for all other wishes, we will make them come true too!

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Furthermore, Ken has a great desire to realize our own products. Such as growing sushi (rice) on our family's rice field in Thailand. To ensure high quality and to create fair trade employment at the same time.