Ken and Tom were born in Thailand and grew up in the Thai countryside. When they were still small, their father died and a difficult time began. Their mother was forced to work in the big city to provide the boys with enough food. Therefore they moved to their mother's village and grew up there with their grandmother.

At the ages of 9 and 12, Tom and Ken moved to the Netherlands with their mother. She married a Dutch man who took the family to the Netherlands and from then on took on the role of their father. Thanks to him, they quickly felt at home in Amsterdam, despite the major changes. They received a bonus brother and another half brother was born. Together they form a close blended family to this day.

Ken's desire to start his own business was not only born from his great passion for omakase sushi, but also from a sense of responsibility and care. Setting up a business, together with his brother, to support his family was his greatest motivation.

Their Dutch father unfortunately passed away on Christmas Day in 2020. That is why we are never open during Christmas time. Ken and Tom are very grateful that he was able to experience the start and success of our family business. Ken and Tom's mother now takes care of their needy brother alone 24/7, while they previously did so together for years. They are proud of her strength, caring and perseverance. This is and remains their greatest motivation to continue what they have started.

Ken and Tom now also have their own family. Ken's son Kenji is our greatest light bringer in the family. He always brings so much joy and fun to our family and the Ken Sushi team.

Both Tom and Ken have dealt with the heartbreaking loss of their babies. Benjiro and Numi are still missed every day within our family. This had a big impact to our entire family and made the first year at the new location even more challenging than it already was.
They are grateful and proud of what they have achieved despite all the setbacks, losses, lows and highs since the start of Ken Sushi in 2019.

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Family business

We are a close family and enjoy running our family business together. Brothers Ken and Tom and cousin Sky take care of the daily operations of Ken Sushi and other family members are a great support to their team.