Available on: Wednesday to Sunday at 5:30 PM and 8:30 PM.

PLEASE NOTE: With the exception of every first and third Friday and Saturday of the month, when the omakase Advanced is offered instead of the omakase Experience (from February 2024).

Bookings: up to six weeks in advance.

Seating: around the chefs at a low u-shaped omakase bar.

Duration: +/- 2 hours.

Price: 20 snacks €80 per person (pre payment)
Silver upgrade: +5 luxury bites €20
Golden upgrade: +5 deluxe bites €25,-
You can choose and pay for an upgrade on the evening itself.


With the omakase experience you take a seat at the omakase sushibar with Ken and/or his brother Tom (and their chefs/apprentices), who will take you through the omakase sushi experience. He tells the guests everything about the ingredients he serves and the customs associated with eating Japanese-style sushi. You sit with a maximum of 20 people around the chefs, at a low bar on chairs of normal height. This gives you a good view of the chefs who prepare and serve each sushi fresh in front of you.

The story is told in English in the presence of foreign-speaking guests.


You will be surprised by the chef! The menu consists mainly of nigiri and sashimi with various types of high quality fish and seafood. Each guest starts with the omakase menu consisting of 20 items. On the evening itself you can choose to expand to 25 pieces. Any upgrades and drinks will be settled after dinner that evening. No meat is served at the omakase experience. This can only be an option if you opt for an upgrade, but it can be replaced as desired. Do you have an allergy, intolerance or dietary requirement based on religious beliefs? Please indicate this when making your reservation and our chefs will take this into account. We do not accommodate other requests. We currently do not have a vegetarian or vegan omakase menu available. Would you like to come and have dinner with child(ren) for whom the full omakase is still too much? Please contact us by email to inquire about the options and costs.

Why choose the omakase experience?

This is how Ken Sushi started form the beginning. Ken, Tom and their chefs really make it a true experience! Not only the delicious sushi, but also the atmosphere in the restaurant makes this a complete evening out. If you have no experience with omakase sushi yet, this is the perfect way to get acquainted with it in an accessible way. Because Ken likes to talk passionately and extensively about this way of serving and about all the ingredients he uses and has carefully selected. You can learn all about eating Japanese-style sushi in a fun way.
Unlike in Japan, Ken does this in his own casual and social way. This makes the omakase experience a great combination of high quality food in an informal setting. All this results in many pleasant evenings with our guests. In short, a unique way of eating sushi, where the taste experience, hospitality and experience are central.