Available on: every first and third Friday and Saturday of the month at 5:30 PM and 8:30 PM.

(PLEASE NOTE: this will differ once in June 2024, check our booking system for availability)

Bookings: up to six weeks in advance.

Seating: around the chefs at a low u-shaped bar in our Lapu room.

Duration: +/- 2 hours.

Price: €150 p.p. (pre payment)


With the omakase advanced you take a seat at the omakase sushi bar with chef/owner Ken and or his brother Tom (and their chefs / apprentices), who takes you through the omakase sushi experience. He tells the guests everything about the ingredients he serves and the customs associated with eating Japanese-style sushi. You sit with a maximum of 20 people around the chefs, at a low, double, U-shaped bar on chairs of normal height. This gives you a good view of the chefs who prepare and serve each sushi fresh in front of you. You can experience this advanced omakase in the same well-known and intimate Ken Sushi atmosphere and setting. The omakase advanced runs every first and third consecutive Friday and Saturday of the month instead of the omakase experience 1 in our Lapu room. Named after the Vasili lamp in the shape of a lapu lapu fish.


With the omakase advanced, Ken puts together a delicious menu every time in which he adds even more luxurious, surprising and complex flavors. The special ingredients depend on the seasons and availability and may therefore vary in content and number of bites from month to month.

Why choose omakase advanced?

The omakase advanced was created by a combination of high demand from regular guests
and Ken's desire to express his creativity and surprise his guests with new flavors.
Do you really want to taste something special? Is there a special occasion? Have you already tried the omakase regular and/or experience and are you ready to taste next level flavors and ingredients? Then this option is perfect for you!

Drink pairing

From 2024 we will offer a drink pairing. We also have an extensive drinks menu where Sky and his team are happy to provide advice on suitable drinks (including more than 40 different and exclusive sakes) to match the distinct flavors of this menu.