Hello world


At our new location we are located in an old Amsterdam building with rooms on different levels. There are stairs (8 steps) to the restaurant area and a staircase (6 steps) plus a step to the toilet area (no disabled toilet), which unfortunately makes our location not wheelchair friendly and not ideal for disabled people.

Unfortunately, we don't have a solution for this (yet).

Of course, everyone, with or without a wheelchair or other aid, is very welcome to dine with us. We already have welcomed several guests in wheelchair. Our team is ready to support or lift guests up the stairs, if necessary. We also do this regularly with our brother, who has difficulty walking and occasionally needs a wheelchair. However, we can imagine that not everyone feels comfortable with that. Apologies for the inconvenience and our limitations here!

Despite the above, would you like to come and eat, but do you need help or a more spacious seating area? Or is it easier to enter via our other entrance (four steps)? Please indicate this when making your reservation and we will take this into account.